Tree Surgery

Here at Holmes Forestry we work in partnership with a local Tree Surgeon to bring you all essential & emergency tree work. 

We guarantee to offer a professional, friendly and reliable service for all tree surgery related needs throughout North Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. From the first point of contact, our team will ensure your requirements are met and that your expectations are exceeded. We can also give you free advice on hazardous trees and local authority Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), Conservation Area Consents, Planning Conditions and neighbouring tree issues. Following our site visits, we provide you with a free, no obligation quotation, which will always reflect the value of our service.

Key tree surgery services.

  • Tree Felling – To remove the tree.

  • Pollarding – To maintain productivity of the trees in built up environments and reduce uptake of water. It is also a last resort for damaged trees.

  • Dead wooding – To improve health of the tree by removing all dead limbs. Also reducing the chance of fallen limbs in frequented areas.

  • Stump Grinding – To remove unwanted stumps completely from any areas.

  • Crown reductions – To reduce size and shape of the tree whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Crown thinning – To reduce the sail effect by evenly thinning the trees canopy. To remove any crossing limbs that could become hazardous in the future.

  • Crown lifting – To remove lower branches of the tree, letting in my light and giving clearance for vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Tree surveys – To provide risk assessments on individual or groups of trees.

  • Site clearances – To completely clear sites of all trees, scrub and stumps.

  • Hedge cutting – To maintain shape and size of all hedges.

  • Hedge height reductions – To improve health of the hedge, to improve growth, and to restore overgrown hedgerows. 

  • Hedge removals – To remove the hedge.

  • Grass cutting – To cut grass to improve growth.