Larch Lap Panel

Our lapped panels are better known as the Waney Fence panel. These panels are manufactured by experienced panel makers using only high quality materials. 

The panel itself comprises of a traditional 12 baton panel with 18" x 50" top and bottom rail. Our Deluxe panels are treated with a Golden Brown preservative after they are manufactured in a dipped process (tanatone). This helps to add to its aesthetics aswell as longevity.

6' x 6' (1.83m x 1.84m) - (POA)

6' x 5' ( 1.83m x 1.5m) - (POA)
6 x 4'  ( 1.83m x 1.2m) - (POA)
6 x 3'  (1.83m x 0.9m) - (POA)

6 x 2'  (1.83m x 0.6m) - (POA)