Holmes Forestry are quality firewood merchants supplying logs and kindling to the whole North Lincolnshire area. We are a family run business and supply to both domestic and commercial customers.

Log Type

Hardwood Logs

Our Hardwood Logs burn at a high heat at a very slow rate. This makes this type of firewood ideal for both open log fires andwood-burners

For our Hardwood logs we use a variety of:


  • Beech

  • Ash

  • Silver Birch

  • Oak

  • Sycamore

Softwood Logs

Our Softwood burns at a faster rate than our Hardwood logs, and at a higher heat. This makes this type of firewood ideal for wood-burning stoves.


We would not recommend burning this type of firewood on an open fire as softwood tends to "spit"


  • Larch

  • Scots Pine

We are also happy to supply dry bagged kindling

Our Firewood

Our logs are Seasoned and stacked in our weatherproof barn to ensure we keep them out the weather. We also selling unseasoned logs for cheaper so you can dry them yourself and save money.


We are committed to providing guaranteed top quality firewood throughout the North Lincolnshire  area, to keep you warm all winter.


All of our logs are cut to your required sizes. Our standard log length is 8"- 9" but we can supply logs in any length required.


Our firewood is all harvested from local, sustainable resources. This means that we cut out the middleman, we save fuel on haulage meaning that you get better quality logs at a better price.